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We believe preschool curriculum should emerge from the interests of the child. Our teachers spend time observing and interacting with children, making note of the interests that are being expressed in their play and activities, and then planning the environment and activities based on these interests.

In this program, children aged four to five gain the final components of literacy and math skills they will need for kindergarten.

Nurture Growth

Through the use of The Creative Curriculum our teachers are able to design a classroom environment where the children form warm relationships with teachers and caregivers, and feel comfortable to explore their environment and make new discoveries.

Challenge Minds

This is a particularly active time when your child will learn to follow oral directions, make predictions based on prior knowledge and write his or her first name with appropriate cases. The children will learn sound and letter relationships, and expand their understanding of the meaning of words and stories. In math, they will learn to understand concepts such as more and less, and develop their number sense.

Enrich Lives

Our Pre-Kindergarten program sets the stage for academic success. We strive to create a love of learning that your child will carry with them throughout school and life. Our PreK curriculum is aligned with Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards.


6:30- 8:00          Arrival, Self-Directed Play

8:30-  8:45         Snack Time

8:45-  9:45         Circle time, Language Arts

9:45-10:00         Art/ Science

10:00-10:30         Indoor/Outdoor play

10:30-11:00         Music/Prepare for lunch

11:00-11:30         Lunch Time

11:30-12:15         Clean-up/Prepare for nap

11:35-11:45         Clean-up, Prepare for Lunch

11:45-12:15         Lunch

12:15-12:30         Clean-up Prepare for Nap

12:30- 2:30          Naptime

2:30-3:00           Wake-up/Prepare for snack

3:00-3:30           Snack

3:30-4:00           Indoor/Outdoor Play

4:00- 4:45          Art/Music/Dramatic Play

4:45- 5:30          Clean-up, Self-Directed Play

5:30- 6:00          Self-Directed Play, Prepare for Departure

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